Machining the combustion case

Not just a lot of hot air: the pressure’s really on here!

The combustion chamber of an aircraft turbine is a system of superlatives: for instance, temperatures and pressures go sky-high when the compressed hot air and kerosene are ignited. This places tremendous demands on the construction material, which means heat-resistant super alloys are the only option. However, these can only be machined using extremely tough tools.

To ensure that the required level of efficiency is maintained in the face of all these challenges, we have optimised our tools for both long haul and shorter domestic flights.

1. MonsterMill TCR

Machining of smaller areas and pockets in titanium or Ni-based alloys

  • Perfectly adapted geometry for machining titanium and heat resistant super alloys
  • A huge range of end mills, torus and ballnose cutters

2. SiAION ceramic grade 1481

Roughing of Ni-based alloys at impressive cutting speeds

  • 1481 SiAlON ceramic with excellent notch wear resistance, the first choice for Inconel718
  • CTKS710 whisker ceramic as an alternative for other applications, particularly for continuous long cuts

3. CTPX710 carbide grade

Turning finish machining with low cutting forces

  • The latest PVD coating technology for machining heat resistant alloys, titanium and stainless steel

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4. Fullmax 52P.57Un solid carbide reamer

 For precise drilling with the perfect finish

  • Solid carbide reamer for precise drilling of heat-resistant alloys with superb surface quality

5. MGF M6 1.5D thread milling cutter

Thread milling with special solid carbide milling cutters

  • Solid carbide thread milling cutter
  • Optimised for machining Ni-based alloys

Practical examples of the tools

SiAION ceramic grade 1481

Aircraft engine housing

  • Material: Inconel 718+
  • Indexable insert: RNGN 120700TN-010D 1481 (chamfered)
  • Application: external longitudinal turning, roughing
Cutting data CERATIZIT
Vc [m/min] 260
nmax [min-] 2500
f [mm/U] 0.18
ap [mm] 1.5
hex [mm] 0.12
Emulsion Yes
Q [cm3/min] 70
Tool life [min] Up to 10 min.

Fullmax 52P.57Un solid carbide reamer

Material Inconel 718
Bore diameter Ø9.525 +/- 0.013 mm
Bore depth 5 mm
Vc [m/min] 30
Vf [mm/rev] 0.3
Emulsion Yes 
Tool life [number] Up to 1440 bores

MGF M6 1.5D thread milling cutter

Material Inconel 718
Thread type M7x1
Thread depth 10 mm
Machining time 48 s
Emulsion Yes
Tool life [number] Up to 210 threads