Face milling cutter with suction effect - MaxiMill SEC12

➕ Uncompromising face milling of cylinder heads and crankcases

➕ Virtually chipless components
thanks to the suction effect

➕ No adjustment effort
because 100% Plug & Play

Our PCD face milling cutter MaxiMill SEC12 is the ideal tool for the automotive industry for the machining of crankcases, cylinder heads and other components made of aluminium or non-ferrous metals, in which no chips should be inside. Due to the special design of the insert seats and insert topology, supported by the coolant pressure, a suction is created at high speeds which removes almost 100 percent of the chips from the workpiece.

Anyone working in engine production knows the problem: During conventional face milling of crankcases and cylinder heads, chips fall into the existing water chambers and jam there in such a way that they cannot be completely removed by the automated cleaning process. They have to be removed in laborious, time-consuming manual work, which means an additional effort. If this is not successful, the expensive component is even scrap.

The MaxiMill SEC12 creates a new level of process reliability, economy and performance for the automotive industry

See the difference in the video: Conventional face milling vs. face milling with MaxiMill SEC12 with suction effect

The PCD face milling cutter MaxiMill SEC12 (Suction Effect Cutter / insert size 12) puts an end to this problem and saves time and costs. Thanks to inserts with a ground chip evacuation notch and their ingenious setting in the milling cutter body, the tool develops a suction that removes the chips from the component. The angle of evacuation from the plane surface is about 30 degrees, which means that almost no chips can get inside the component. The removal is supported by the cooling lubricant, which brings the appropriate pressure behind the chips through its special guide.

Conventional face milling

⚠️ Chips are flushed into the component

Face milling with MaxiMill SEC12

✔️ thanks to suction effect for up to 100% chip-free components

MaxiMill SEC12 proves its worth in practical application

The "suction milling cutter" MaxiMill SEC12 produces convincing results in practice, for example when face milling a crankcase made of AlSi7MgCu0.5 on three sides, using the variant with 125 mm diameter (12 teeth).

The cutting edge geometry, cutting edge adjustment and coolant jet of the MaxiMill SEC12 create a suction effect for almost chipless components

The most important cutting data:

  • cutting speed Vc = 2355 m/min
  • feed rate per tooth fz = 0.2 mm/rev
  • feed speed Vf = 14400 mm/min
  • cutting depth ap = 5 mm
  • Cutting width ae = 80
  1. COOLING OF THE CUTTING EDGE - coolant cover directs coolant jet directly onto the cutting edge
  2. SUCTION EFFECT - cutting edge geometry, cutting edge position and coolant jet create a suction effect

→ In this way, 40,000 components can be processed per placement, in impressive time, quality and almost chip-free.

In addition, the MaxiMill SEC12 has numerous other advantages to offer:

  • Modular structure (made entirely from standard components in stock), allowing versions to meet any need.
  • Consists of a milling adapter in HSK-A63, -A80 or -A100 design, which accommodates the respective basic body of the slip-on milling cutter.
  • Available in the following diameters: 50 Z6, 63 Z8, 80 Z10, 100 Z12, 125 Z14 and 160 Z18 mm
  • Other sizes and variants can be realised on request.
  • PCD-tipped inserts are characterised by extremely long tool life and possible cutting speeds of up to 3500 m/min.
  • Finesses in the geometry of the insert: high feed rates of 0.1 to 0.2 mm per tooth.
  • The number of teeth is optimally matched to the performance of the machining centres available on the market.
  • Two variants for roughing:
    - one for up to 8 mm infeed
    - one for max. 4 mm infeed (somewhat cheaper due to lower PCD use)

This allows the user to configure the optimum tool for his particular application and machine!

Assembly of the MaxiMill SEC12 - super easy via Plug & Play!

Even the inserts can be mounted without adjustment effort thanks to the highest precision. For particularly high quality requirements, the user can fine-balance the tools by means of heavy metal screws on the cutter collar - up to a balance quality of G2.5. The resulting high concentricity protects the spindle, ensures longer tool life, lower vibrations and even enables a surface quality of approx. Rz=20µm during roughing.

The MaxiMill SEC12 offers good tool life, modular tool design from standard products, no adjustment effort thanks to 100% plug and play and thus enables uncompromising face milling of cylinder heads and crankcases.

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