MonsterMill FRP CR: Solid carbide milling cutter for machining carbon fibre-reinforced plastics

Press release: May 2021

The latest solid carbide milling cutter from the innovators at CERATIZIT features patent-pending geometry that gives users of its MonsterMill FRP CR gain fibre compression across the entire cutting length. Thanks to this maximum utilisation of the cutting edge, tooling costs are reduced, less time is spent on programming, and tool life is increased. All of which are good reasons to take a closer look at this tool.

Fibre-reinforced plastics are increasingly finding their way into many branches of technology and are the preferred choice when high tensile strength and rigidity are required alongside low weight. However, outstanding material properties pose major challenges for manufacturers of precision tools. The tools must withstand high levels of abrasion and deliver optimum performance when it comes to component quality; with the new Monstermill FRP CR end mills CERATIZIT has overcome these challenges. With its combination of high-performance carbide and market-leading diamond coating, the solid carbide milling cutter does not only meet demanding requirements in the machining of carbon fibre-reinforced plastics, it marks a step-change in technology. In comparison to conventional routers with a fixed compression zone, the left and right cuts on each cutting edge of the MonsterMill FRP CR provide length-independent fibre compression, offering further key benefits to users.

Clean cutting edges in all fibre directions

Regular left and right-hand cuts on each cutting edge and the accompanying fibre compression across the entire cutting length result in fibres being cut off cleanly in all directions, without damaging the component. This greatly reduces delamination and projecting fibres.

Maximum use of cutting length

Depending on the component thickness and the fixture, the MonsterMill FRP CR can be used multiple times as the fibre compression is present across the entire cutting length. This gives the customer the opportunity to lower costs; one tool can be used several times depending on the shape and thickness of the component as well as the clamping fixture.

Less time and effort spent on programming for shaped components

Compared to a conventional router with a fixed compression zone, no zone is aligned on the component for the milling and profiling of shaped components with the MonsterMill FRP CR. This significantly reduces the time and effort spent on programming, saving time and money.

Tool life extension through oscillation

Depending on the component thickness and shape, it is possible to significantly extend the tool life of the MonsterMill FRP CR. The length-independent compression zone allows the tool to oscillate in the axial direction. This aids dust removal and promotes cooling of the cutting edges. This is a major advantage in comparison to standard routers with a defined compression zone.