FreeTurn tools put to the practical test

Use in turning operations saves a lot of time, money and tools

CERATIZIT Besigheim relies on FreeTurn tools and HDT (High Dynamic Turning) in the manufacturing of their special tools. The production company wanted to use the advantages of the new turning technology in-house and has initiated the implementation of the FreeTurn system. A TEAM CUTTING TOOLS project team took a close look at the machining process on site and, together with those responsible for production, switched the process to HDT with FreeTurn tools. "The switch was simple and straightforward. At the beginning I was sceptical whether the tool could withstand the high feed rates, first test runs quickly eliminated any doubts", says machine operator Martin Lutz. The machining result exceeded the expectations of all those involved: great savings could be achieved not only by using less tools but also by saving valuable production time thanks to the incredible cutting speeds.

5-axis simultaneous cycle

The DMG MORI CTX beta 1250 TC was selected as the machine, which fulfills all the requirements for turning in a highly dynamic manner. “This machining center is widespread on the market and HDT ready. This confirms that many manufacturing companies are able to use our FreeTurn technology,” emphasizes Product Manager Paul Höckberg. The component, a base body of an indexable insert drill, was then optimized and implemented using the Siemens Sinumerik 840d controller and a 5-axis simultaneous cycle from Open Mind - with an astonishing result.


  • Machine: DMG MORI, CTX beta 1250 TC
  • Software: Siemens Sinumerik 840d
  • Programming: OpenMind (hyperMILL)

Amazing cutting speeds

With a cutting speed of VC 220 m / min, a feed rate of f 0.48 mm / rev and an infeed depth ap of 4 mm, the FreeTurn is already superior to the conventional tool. A cutting speed of 400 m / min is possible for finishing. “We knew our FreeTurn was good. However, we would never have thought it possible to drive such enormous cutting speeds in steel (X40CrMoV51), ”says Höckberg with astonishment.

Cutting data

  • Material: X40CrMoV51 (1.2344)
  • Tools: FreeTurn Holder: HSK-T tool holder FT17 | Insert: FT17 . 808080...


  Conventional Process FreeTurn (HDT)
Cutting speed (Vc) 200 m/min. 220 m/min.
Feed rate (f) 0,27 mm/rev 0,48 mm/rev.
Cutting depth (ap) 4 mm 4 mm
Cooling Yes Yes
Chip Good Good


  Conventional Process FreeTurn (HDT)
Cutting speed (Vc) 300 m/minn 400 m/minn
Feed rate (f) 0,15 mm/rev. 0,15 mm/rev.
Cutting depth (ap) 0,5 mm 1 mm
Cooling Yes Yes
Chip Good Good
Surface Good Good

Expand competitive advantage

Instead of using three different tools, which would have been necessary in the conventional process, the component is now manufactured with just one FreeTurn tool. In addition, the production time was reduced from 5:10 min. to 2:45 min.

Total savings
  • Number of tools: 2 
  • Production time: 2:25 minutes/piece 
  • Production costs: 3:53 euros/piece
  • Energy: 0,42 kW/h per piece 

Due to this positive result, High Dynamic Turning and FreeTurn will certainly find its way into everyday production at Besigheim. Programming is carried out using the CAD / CAM software Siemens NX, which is also ideal for HDT. "We are already looking forward to gradually converting our production to High Dynamic Turning and FreeTurn," says Thomas Ledermann. "This way we can secure a significant competitive advantage."

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