Indexable inserts for machining ISO-P steels

Machine steel - and do so efficiently

Higher performance or a longer tool life? You can have both!

ISO-P steels are extremely diverse and correspondingly challenging. The versatile range of ISO-P indexable inserts impresses with high-performance solutions for the universal turning and drilling of ISO-P steels.

1. Medium machining, CNMG -M50

2. Finishing, DNMG -F50

3. Fine machining, XCNT -M50Q NEW

4. Medium machining, XCNT NEW


TiN - Gold-coloured indicator layer  

Al2O3 - Multilayer  

Ti (C, N)- Highly textured base layer  


Diverse range of tool carriers from Ø 63 mm to Ø 315 mm

Turning tools


  • ISO-P15
  • Wear-resistant grade with high degree of elevated-temperature resistance for steel machining with optimum tool life
  • High cutting speeds
  • Maximum productivity
  • For a smooth cut
  • ISO-P25
  • Universal carbide grade for steel machining
  • Excellent balance between toughness and elevated-temperature resistance
  • High level of reliability for machining general steel
  • Excellent for fluctuating cutting conditions, from finishing to roughing
  • ISO-P35
  • Tough carbide grade for interrupted cuts
  • Guaranteed process security
  • For low cutting speeds and unstable conditions

EcoCut multifunctional tools


  • New CVD coating
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • For high cutting speeds
  • New CVD coating
  • For poor machining conditions
  • Where a high degree of toughness is required



  • Availability of different grades for individual cutting conditions
  • Special Dragonskin coating reduces friction and prevents wear
  • Optimum visibility of tool wear thanks to the gold-coloured indicator layer

Up to

longer tool life

compared to competitors

Tool change before tool breakage: indexable insert "predicts" its demise

→ 10 cuts

→ 1 cut

Wear detection means that optimum utilisation of the multi-edged indexable insert can be identified with a quick glance at the cutting edges. Wear on the cutting edges is also easier to see and easier for the machine operator to identify.

A comparison between the insert detection of our new ISO-P insert (CTCP115-P in the example) and its predecessor insert is shown here.

Dragon strength in steel machining

Due to the vast range, machining ISO-P steels is anything but simple. To make machining the biggest material group in metal machining easier for machine operators, we have rethought everything from the substrate to the geometries, right through to the coating – for optimal breakage resistance and hardness of cutting edges. The Dragonskin coating makes a decisive contribution here. Its optimised layer structure is designed specifically to:

  • Increase tool life
  • Reduce machining time

Test report for the old and new ISO-P turning indexable insert

 > CTCP115-P turning grade in the example


Indexable insert: CNMG 120408EN-M50
Material: 1.2343 – X37CrMoV 5-1 44 HRC
Cutting data: vc 70-130 m/min | f 0.35 mm/U | ap 2 mm

Performance increase of the new grades:

Cutting speed vc Increase in %
70 m/min 20
100 m/min 44
130 m/min 45

Result: Depending on the cutting speed, an increase in performance of up to 45% can be achieved with the CTCP115-P grade.



In episode 7 of THE CUT
, host Brian Lorenzen, product manager Stefan Karl and innovation manager Kathrin Weirather talk about challenges in the turning of steel, the latest developments in turning and our new ISO-P grades with indicator layer – the perfect solution for turning steel.

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