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Whenever there is no radial axis, facing heads come into play as a powerful solution to deliver an optimal cutting operation. These mechanically actuated tools carry out radial movement processes in machine units like special machines, transfer lines and rotary transfer machines.

Our facing heads are driven by large-profile helical gearing with a maximum contact ratio. Sliding parts are made of nitrided steel with high surface hardness and low friction properties.

  • Favourable friction pairings through special treatment of the moving parts
  • Maximum backlash of 15 μm
  • Compact facing head and integral design deliver higher stability and therefore higher machining performance
  • Meticulous development and design combined with precise manufacturing ensure a high technical standard, maximum precision and service life

Facing head with single slide for low RPMs 

  • Extremely attractive price
  • Available from stock 
  • Increased service life due to coated gearing parts
  • Can be used on transfer lines, special machines and rotary transfer machines
  • Can be adapted to practically any spindle using an intermediate flange

PKE 101: Facing head with single slide and hole pattern in slide

PKE 103: Facing head with single slide and ABS adapter

PKE 104: Facing head with single slide and SBA adapter

Facing head with double slide for medium to high RPMs

  • Design-specific balanced system
  • Long service life due to large gearing surfaces
  • Significant cycle time reduction due to twin cutting and higher RPMs

PKD 101: Facing head with double slide and hole pattern in slide

Balanced facing head for medium to high RPMs

PKU balanced facing heads are suitable for maximum RPMs. The clamping conditions are similar to those of single slide facing heads and allow for ideal tool design.

The imbalance for these facing heads is achieved in all slide positions by coordinating all moving masses, therefore also the snap-on tools. The moving masses must be within a defined weight range.

  • Cycle time reduction due to higher speed ranges
  • Optimally balanced system by using a counterbalance weight tailored to the tool weight
  • Available in different versions for optimum process 
  • Short-stroke facing head suitable for internal machining (grooving, boring, grinding) with projecting, heavy snap-on tools


PKU 101: Facing head with imbalance correction and hole pattern in slide

PKU 103: Facing head with imbalance correction and ABS adapter

Here you will find information on application-specific snap-on tools.
We also show you the intermediate flanges that may be required to connect the tools to the machine.


Snap-on tools

There is an extremely wide variety of snap-on tools, which is why we can find the right solution for practically any application. Be it for internal or external machining, or for complex contours in a single pass, extremely efficient and high-quality cutting results can be achieved for every conceivable machining process using the right multi-purpose tools.


Intermediate flanges

Standardised or tailored intermediate flanges allow our actuating tools to be attached to the machine spindle precisely and securely.

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Thanks to select combinations of our actuating tools, intermediate flanges and the right snap-on tools, countless cutting operations can be performed in a time and cost-efficient manner.

External copy milling

External grooving

Grooving and grinding

Face turning from outside to inside

Counterboring and grinding

Internal machining

Grinding and grooving

Solid drilling of the taper with subsequent finish machining