KUB Pentron | The high-performance indexable insert drill masters even the most challenging applications

The specialist for process-reliable drilling from 2xD to 5xD in steel, cast iron, aluminium and stainless steel materials.

Are you looking for a powerful and multi-purpose insert drill for challenging applications? Then the KOMET KUB Pentron is your first choice.

The KUB Pentron masters drilling depths of up to 5xD in steel, cast iron, aluminium and stainless materials with outstanding quality. And even in extreme machining situations, the KUB Pentron delivers excellent results thanks to optimum chip evacuation and long tool life.

Large drilling depths up to 5xD

Steel, cast iron, aluminium and stainless materials

Ideal for extreme machining situations

Advantages of the KUB Pentron at a glance

  • High productivity due to up to 30% higher speed and feed rates than the insert drills already on the market
  • Best dimensional accuracy as well as high surface and drilling quality
  • High economic efficiency and easy handling due to identical inserts for centre and periphery
  • Maximum tool life thanks to SOGX inserts with four usable cutting edges made of modern substrates and matched coatings
  • Consistent deflection across all materials and feeds
  • Low tendency of chips to stick to the tool holder thanks to a special coating
  • Wide range of shank variants (ABS / PSC (ISO 26623) / straight shank (ISO 9766))
  • Chip flutes optimised on the basis of FEM (Finite Element Method) and process-reliable drilling due to good chip evacuation
  • Suitable for minimum quantity lubrication with 3xD (ABS)

● = Main application, ○ = Secondary application, - = Not possible

Hole depth 2xD 3xD 4xD 5xD
Drilling through a transverse hole
Stack plate drilling
Drilling on uneven surfaces
Core drilling - -
Spot drilling a convex surface
Spot drilling angled surfaces
Spot drilling a pointed contour
Deep holes -
Drilling through a centre or pre-op

Spot drilling on a pointed corner

Spot drilling on an edge

Drilling through stacks

Spot drilling on a weld joint or corrugated surface

To the products for wheel hub machining | Automotive

Our KUB Pentron "wheel hub drills" are perfect when it comes to machining the hubs of an aluminium wheel. They combine key features such as achievable accuracies, outstanding performance parameters and large drilling depths and have properties perfectly adapted to use in aluminium materials.

More information on wheel hub machining