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With MultiLock, we have developed an advanced exchangeable head system that performs much better than comparable products due to its precision-sintered, positive-locking interface. The system also boasts an impressively wide range of adapters, making its usage particularly flexible and economical for the user.

High-precision interface

Flat, stable interface with face contact

Positive locking ensures stability

Steel/carbide combination has a vibration-dampening effect

Torus cutters

High-feed cutters

Ball-nosed end mills

Deburring cutters

Cylindrical shank

Screw-in adapter,
Form A

Screw-in adapter,
Form A

All exchangeable heads are coated with the innovative Dragonskin technology, and therefore are particularly high-performing.

CTPX225: The fine grain carbide grade for universal usage

  • AlTiN-based coating
  • HIT 35 GPa ~ 3500 HV0.05
  • Friction coefficient against steel 0.5
  • Maximum application temperature 1000°C

CTC5240: The special grade for machining titanium and titanium alloys

  • TiB2-based coating
  • HIT 43 GPa ~ 4300 HV0.05
  • Friction coefficient against steel 0.3
  • Maximum application temperature 1000°C

Material: 1.2379

  MultiLock Competitor
Chip volume 2767.36 673.82
Service life (min) 92 14
Chip removal rate 30.08 48.13