Project Engineering: Smart solution concepts for efficient machining processes

From consulting to successful completion, we realise your application-specific project goals.

Customised solutions with...

  • ideal machining strategies
  • complete tool solutions
  • many years of experience
  • personal advice

Together to a clever turnkey solution with...

  • in-depth industry knowledge
  • innovative tooling concepts
  • network of experts

We offer you your machining solution

The machining industry is broad-based and very complex, while trends and innovations move tremendously fast. From many years of experience, we recognise all these challenges immediately and deliver solutions tailored precisely to your needs.

To this end, we offer you a holistic product portfolio as well as a high level of user competence thanks to our orientation towards innovative processes and developments. We also ensure that our products are available to you as quickly as possible. Benefit from our in-depth industry knowledge and an independent quality guarantee.

Our tools

  • Comprehensive standard tool range
  • Individual customisation of the standard tool range
  • Individual special tools and industry-specific tools
  • Digital products

Our people

  • Experienced application engineers on site
  • Support from local and international project teams
  • Global network of experts
  • Industry expertise
  • Long-standing engineering knowledge
  • Extensive technical expertise
  • First-class service
  • Professional advice
  • Innovative tool concept

Development of optimal production processes

Take advantage of our innovative tool concepts, many years of experience and our personal advice to increase your productivity.

In order to be able to economically machine increasingly complex workpieces in high quality, all process parameters must be adapted to the respective task. Those who master these challenges remain competitive on the global market.

In day-to-day business, however, there is often not enough capacity to analyse production processes and make them more efficient through optimisation. There is also usually not enough time to adapt new cutting materials, tool geometries or process technologies to the individual machining tasks.

This is exactly where we come in with our project engineering. As one of the leading tool manufacturers and an innovative pulse generator in machining, we develop optimal tool concepts for you that are based on the most important success factors such as efficiency, time and quality.

Why we are the ideal system partner for you? We have many years of experience in the development of innovative tool solutions, can draw on in-depth technical know-how and offer first-class service. In addition, with the leading product brands Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, WNT, KOMET and Klenk, we are a full-range supplier in machining and offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of cutting tools and services.

Project consulting

We never lose sight of your goals and advise you across all industries in all areas of application. Benefit from our many years of experience and our innovative solution concepts.

Our services

  • Consulting service for all applications and industries
  • Demand-oriented consulting for process optimisation
  • Personal project manager

Project elaboration and offer

Our interdisciplinary project team creates an ideal machining concept with the high-end tools from CERATIZIT, which is precisely and individually adapted to your specifications and targets..

Our services

  • Development of a machining and tooling concept
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Machining tests in our own technical centres
  • Forecast of tool requirements and tool costs per componentCommercial offer

Project realisation

Our team of experts implements the offered concept on your machine together with you and your personal CERATIZIT application engineer. With this on-site support we guarantee a stable and economic production process for your product.

Our services

  • Detailed planning of the machining process
  • Tool design
  • Collision analysis
  • Tool assembly
  • Support by personal application engineers for tool running-in and CNC programming
  • Tool documentation
  • Regular project status reports

Ongoing support

Even after the successful implementation of the project, we are there for you. Your personal application engineer keeps an eye on your production processes, identifies further optimisation potential and provides you with ongoing support for all your challenges.

Our services

  • Ongoing production support
  • Series support and process optimisation

We have already convinced some customers

Workpiece: Device head
Material: EN-AW 6082
Project objective: Complete solution for cycle time optimisation

❗​ Challenge

At BAM GmbH, process security and flexibility for the series production of custom components has top priority. In order to continue to meet high customer standards as a systems supplier for new and complex production parts, a production strategy for tailored complete solutions is required.

💡 Solution

To machine multiple component families using aluminium cast parts, the machining strategy is optimally adjusted to BAM GmbH's modern machine fleet with standard and custom tools. Fewer tool changes and shorter machining times ensure efficient series production.

✔️​ Success

The holistic process analysis makes a significant contribution to time- and cost-optimised project success:
The series production cycle time is reduced by more than 50% to less than five minutes per component.

 "From idea to project implementation, the cooperation was a great success that speaks for itself; there are now more projects in the planning and implementation stages!"

Head of Production BAM GmbH, Josef Wittmann

Workpiece: Titanium-molybdenum inserts
Material: Titanium-molybdenum alloy
Project objective: efficient and process-secure machining

❗​ Challenge

Various components made from titanium molybdenum alloys are to be machined using a uniform tool concept in a manner that is economical and process-secure.

💡 Solution

A uniform tool concept, which consists mainly of standard products, will be defined for machining the various components made from titanium molybdenum alloys. At the same time, both the machining strategy and the cutting data recommendations will be adapted to the respective components.

✔️ Success

The customer can produce the components with the required dimensional and form tolerances in a manner that is efficient, process-secure and economical. The result: cost savings of 79%, reduction in machining time per component of 59% and a clear increase in tool life.

 "The success of this project was all thanks to the cooperation with CERATIZIT. The professional experience of the CERATIZIT machining technicians with titanium molybdenum alloys was crucial to its success."

Kappler CNC Tool Purchasing, Jürgen Klittich

Workpiece: aerospace component in series production of approx. 1,500 parts per year
Material: martensitic stainless steel 1.4545
Project objective: Optimise cycle times and ensure process reliability in series production

❗​ Challenge

Milltech was commissioned to produce a new component for the aerospace industry from 1.4545, a martensitic stainless steel that is difficult to machine, in series of 1,500 parts per year over three years. Particularly important were short cycle and delivery times as well as maximum process reliability. In addition, only standard tools were to be used so that they could also be used for other tasks. 

💡 Solution

The Project Engineering team developed a machining strategy, including programming and tool design, using the CircularLine for trochoidal milling and the SilverLine, among others.
In addition, CERATIZIT recommended suitable tool holders and appropriate clamping technology. As Milltech had a lack in machine capacity to test the suggestions, so the machining trials were carried out at the Technical Centre in Kempten - with big success. In order to guarantee delivery reliability Milltech uses CERATZIT's consignment stock service.

✔️ Success

Thanks to their enormous cutting volume per component, the SilverLine and CircularLine tools are now an integral part of the new machining strategy, as are the WTX-VA drills and the MultiLock deburring cutters. The decisive factor was that 40% faster cycle times are now possible than with competitor tools.

 "CERATIZIT's Project Engineering is a very good offer for companies like us. We have one supplier for all the tools we need and on top of that we do not lose any time for planning."

milltech GmbH / Karl Reichinger, Managing Director

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The selection of components in production is enormously diverse. On the one hand, there are brake discs, rear axle carriers, cylinder housings, cylinder blocks and cylinder heads, clutch housings or brake callipers to be manufactured. On the other hand, pump housings for hydraulic applications, fracking pumps, stator housings, bicycle hubs, flange plates and milled parts, spindle housings, planetary carriers and planetary axles, but also hip joints and other medical technology applications as well as wheel carriers, wheel hubs, bicycle hubs and wheel suspensions for aerospace and many more components are produced.

For all of these, we realise application-specific and complex project goals with smart solution concepts for a decisive competitive advantage.

Always in focus - the daily challenges of machining, such as

  • Process reliability
  • Process control
  • Optimum tool utilisation
  • Short reaction times
  • Cycle time optimisation

Over 25 years of experience with turnkey projects

Over 1000 successful turnkey projects

100 % partnership, customer-oriented and innovative

Special tools

We test a wide range of tool features and adapt them to your machining requirements. You thus receive a tool that optimally covers the conditions of your process. Whether design, cutting edge geometry or coatings - each tool is individually designed for you and manufactured under strict quality guidelines in our production.

We offer you customised industry solutions for specific applications