McLaren Racing makes use of Ceratizit tooling offer and knowledge to support ventilator production

McLaren Racing is one of the members in the consortium of high-tech engineering companies, including Airbus, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, as well other Formula One teams, who have come together to meet the UK Government’s Ventilator Challenge UK. The aim of which is to develop and build as many ventilators as possible for the National Health Service and beyond. To assist in meeting this challenge McLaren Racing have enlisted the expertise and cutting tool technology on offer from Ceratizit UK & Ireland. 

The consortium has been awarded a significant order to produce 10,000+ ventilators, made up of two models currently manufactured by Smiths Medical of Luton and Oxfordshire-based Penlon. As part of the supply chain, Ceratizit UK & Ireland is being called upon to step-up and support this endeavour as best they can. Ceratizit UK & Ireland had already announced a series of measures to support these activities and were happy to contribute when approached by McLaren Racing. Initial tooling requirements have been from the Ceratizit drilling range, with high performance drills provided to produce accurate holes, up to 16xD, in both aluminium and steel. These have been supported with technical input from Ceratizit’s Industry Solutions Engineer Michael May and Technical Sales Engineer Bob Thompson.    

McLaren Racing is one of several customers that we have been working with on the ventilator initiative, where we are able to help by ensuring they have the right tools when they need them, along with support and expertise we can provide.” says Michael May. “While the initial requirement was for drilling tools, we have made many recommendations across a series of approximately fifteen components, to help improve production of these vital parts. The situation is one that is constantly changing, we will be supplying whatever is required, such as our AluLine end millsPCR-AL plunge milling cutters , CCR-AL CircularLine end mills, alongside the WTX-AL and WTX-Ti.“

Ceratizit UK & Ireland are happy to report an excellent response to its offer to any company manufacturing ventilators and associated components in support of the fight against Coronavirus. “We are in a position to provide what help we can and also assist in raising the awareness of Ventilator Challenge UK and highlight the magnificent work that is being done to support the frontline healthcare professionals, who are doing a magnificent job in such difficult times. If by doing this we can encourage more people and businesses to help, we will have played a small part in that challenge,” Bob Thompson, Technical Sales Engineer, Ceratizit UK & Ireland.

“As a country we must do everything we can to fight this pandemic and, as an industry we are well placed to help lead that fight, so our offers of help for any manufacturing company involved in the production of ventilator and associated diagnostic equipment will remain in place for as long as it is needed. If you need our help it is there for you,” Tony Pennington, Managing Director, Ceratizit UK & Ireland.

  1. Full technical support with additional support from Projects team and Applications team
  2. Free test tools for cutting trials on ventilator projects
  3. Priority handling of orders
  4. Free delivery no matter what the value of order is
  5. 70% Discount on tools used in the manufacture of ventilators until 31st August 2020.
  6. 180 days for returns instead of the usual 30 days to allow for freedom of ordering different tools.