CERATIZIT is supporting manufacturers in the fight against corona

We humans quickly learn to appreciate our health again, particularly when we are faced with dangerous situations, such as pandemics. As an expert manufacturer of high-quality machining solutions, our top priority is to support manufacturing companies in the medical sector. CERATIZIT know-how and tools are particularly sought-after by manufacturers that produce fans for ventilators and face masks. 

You can rely on us!

Although much has changed in the world since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing has stayed the same: Our commitment to you. 

Quality and know-how to combat corona

As the protection of people – from employees and their families to you, our valued customers and business partners – is the top priority, we are supporting manufacturing companies that are currently focussed on producing life-saving equipment in the fight against COVID-19. We are proud that our tools and wealth of experience in medical technology are allowing us to do our part.

Support with the production of components for ventilators

Due to the high global demand, large numbers of manufacturing operations are switching their production facilities to focus on components for ventilators or respiratory systems. One of these companies is Cutting Edge Precision Engineering from Huntingdon, England, which was asked to produce large quantities of components for ventilators for one of its customers.

The functional specification for the tools was critical to the successful implementation of this project. As there was a risk of cross-contamination of the materials, the company had to quickly reorder all the necessary tools. A key focus was on meeting the high quality standards set for the tools and ensuring seamless traceability. Cutting Edge Precision was aware that CERATIZIT has a huge range of high-quality products and that it was assisting companies with the production of parts for ventilators.

“That was why we got in touch with CERATIZIT,” confirms Managing Director Stuart Dunklin. “The company not only advised us in selecting the best tooling solutions for the specific tasks, it was also able to deliver these tools by midday the following day. As we were working on the weekend, CERATIZIT also ensured that we received technical support over the phone and cutting data for the tools that we were not yet familiar with. This service was outstanding in all respects,” emphasizes Stuart Dunklin.

For this project alone, Cutting Edge Precision has assigned five machining centres that are equipped with CERATIZIT end mills, drills, thread formers, thread milling cutters and drill reamers. Besides this, a selection of workpiece adapters was also supplied. Work is currently in progress on another project to produce components for ventilators, which will make use of the same Cutting Edge Precision 5-axis machining centres. As an expert partner, CERATIZIT will once again be supplying the tools, adapters, vices and clamping towers to ensure effective machining.

High-quality tools are required to machine the components, which eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.

CERATIZIT tools for the production of face masks

An effective means of protecting yourself from infection by the coronavirus is to wear a face shield. CERATIZIT is an expert contact partner in the production of these kinds of face masks and supports companies from the tool making and die production sector, such as Moldeados de Caucho Íscar (MCI). 

While MCI actually specialises in producing parts for mechanical engineering and the automotive industry, since the corona pandemic the Spanish company has dedicated its efforts to another task: the production of face masks. The company originally produced face masks with a 3D printer and donated them to facilities in need. The high demand for this type of protective equipment ultimately led to a greater production focus. MCI developed its own silicone model, which is more comfortable and flexible than the 3D mask, and which can be sterilised. 

Effective machining of tool moulds

To produce the tool moulds, MCI turned to the experience and know-how of the application engineers at CERATIZIT. The support provided by the engineer allowed MCI to find a perfect selection of tools required to machine the mould. The milling cutters from the CircularLine, MonsterMill and BlueLine series efficiently and cost-effectively covered all the necessary applications, whether roughing, plunging or finishing.

The face masks created impressed the entire CERATIZIT Group so much that they placed an initial order of 5000 masks from MCI, which can be used to protect the company’s own employees as well as customers throughout Europe. 

Supporting healthcare

Renowned British companies from the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering and the automotive sector have switched their production to ventilators in order to support the National Health Service. Qualified machining companies have been selected to produce the components – one of these is Bryken Precision Engineering.

The British company received an order from a consortium, which includes Mercedes AMG, to produce 30,000 parts for C-PAP ventilators. All in just 10 days. While the short timeframe placed Bryken’s production capacities under pressure, as a supplier to the automotive, mechanical engineering and energy industry, among others, the company had sufficient machining capacity to meet this demand within the short lead time. However, Bryken had to consider one important factor to be able to meet the delivery deadline: the availability of the necessary tools. 

Critical tool delivery

To meet this challenge, the company turned to its long-standing tool partner CERATIZIT – and was not disappointed, as Stewart Taylor, Commercial Director at Bryken confirms. “The support from CERATIZIT was brilliant. After the initial order of more than 325 items from the CERATIZIT catalogue, including carbide high-performance drills, turning inserts and grooving tools, we requested additional tools, such as taps and end mills, on a daily basis. As we have become accustomed to from CERATIZIT, not only did the tools arrive the next morning, we also received comprehensive technical advice,” says Stewart Taylor. 

Fast production saves lives

Mercedes AMG was able to use the parts punctually delivered by Bryken to produce and deliver the first 10,000 C-PAP ventilators. These were used to ensure that people suffering from the coronavirus were able to receive the medical care that they need. Additional orders are already being planned.

Bryken Precision Engineering normally uses the CERATIZIT Tool-O-Mat tool dispensing system in order to have access to the required tools at any time. For the timely production of the ventilator parts, the company also relied on the extremely fast CERATIZIT delivery times. They received the ordered products the very next day.

Fast response time and premium tools convince US parts manufacturers for ventilators

Protective equipment is also needed all around the USA in the fight against COVID-19. Here as well, manufacturers of ventilator parts can rely on CERATIZIT for help and advice. Besides high-quality tooling solutions, customers are also impressed by our fast response times.

One such customer is Staub Precision Machine. The New York based company was founded in 1975 and has since developed into an industry leader in precision machining. Staub was asked to produce parts for a ventilator manufacturer and required suitable cutting tools to create high-precision holes. 

Precise holes with PCD reamers

Managing Director Tony Staub got in touch with Jay Janca from Abrasiv Tools, a certified CERATIZIT sales partner. Together, they developed a design drawing for the required part and then coordinated the tool details with CERATIZIT engineer Chuck Somerville, who recommended a high-performance PCD reamer for the holes. As Staub Precision Machine was tasked with producing 2500 parts a week, a high level of productivity also had to be ensured. 

Clamping towers ensure productivity

Together with CERATIZIT engineers, the company designed two clamping towers and collets that let it produce 132 parts per clamping operation and so achieve the desired production capacity. Tony Staub was greatly impressed by the fact that it took just over a week to move from the start of planning through to efficient production. “I was amazed at how quickly CERATIZIT responded and we were able to produce high-quality parts. I am certain that we will work together with CERATIZIT again in the future.”

Reamers for small diameters with low tolerances

This view is shared by Blackhawk Industrial. The company sells products for the metalworking industry and supplies CERATIZIT tools to manufacturers in the medical technology sector. One of its customers specialises in high-precision parts for ventilators with small diameters. As these parts demand very narrow tolerances and an outstanding finish, they place particularly high demands on the cutting tools. The results achieved with the CERATIZIT reamers completely convinced Blackhawk, and the customer, who is now looking to expand their collaboration in future. 

Because we care about health!

Just as patients rely on high-quality implants, many medical technology companies rely on the extensive carbide and manufacturing expertise of CERATIZIT when machining their products. These include leading companies from the dental sector, manufacturers of surgical forceps and producers of implants, such as osteosynthesis products. As a creative and expert partner, we support these businesses in all their activities and develop customised, efficient solutions for their applications.