90° countersink with irregular pitch, DIN 335-C

If you appreciate the well-known benefits of the HSS countersinks, you will be amazed by the new solid carbide countersinks with extremely irregular pitch. Not only is their significantly longer tool life impressive, but also their significantly improved performance. The solid carbide countersinks therefore enable you to achieve greater cutting speeds and significantly reduced machining times . Furthermore, the surface quality of the finished countersinks is also improved.

  1. HSS Countersink
  2. HSS Countersink EU
  3. Solid Carbide Countersink EU
  4. Base material: solid carbide
  5. TPX 76S coating


  • Solid carbide
  • Extremely irregular pitch
  • Higher feed rates compared to HSS
  • For use on CNC machines
  • Suitable for chamfering


  • Wear resistant + long tool life
  • Reduced axial force + enhanced surface quality
  • Faster machining
  • Safe and standardised production for mass production
  • Workpiece can be deburred in one set-up


  • Low tooling costs
  • Reduced impact on the machine spindle
  • Shorter production process 
  • Lower production costs
  • Higher level of process reliability and hence fewer rejects
  • No tool change required to fully deburr the workpiece

Number of countersinks

  1. HSS Countersink
  2. HSS Countersink EU
  3. Solid Carbide Countersink  EU

*to achieve in ideal conditions