Eccentric sleeves

Users of rotating tools can now enjoy greater flexibility.
Using the eccentric sleeves, you can vary and adjust the diameter of the hole by +/- 0.3 mm with ease.

Two types of eccentric sleeves are available:
One for use with the new indexable insert drill adapter and one for use with the existing Weldon adapter.
The difference lies solely in the design and position of the slots for the adapter's clamping screws. There are four sizes per type , which are tailored to the MaxiDrill 900 shank diameter.

Eccentric sleeve for indexable insert drill adapter

Eccentric sleeve for Weldon adapter

Side view | View from above

A scale is engraved on every eccentric sleeve (radially and on the face) so that the user can adjust the bore diameter according to requirements.

  1. Position the sleeve in the respective adapter and insert the indexable insert drill.
  2. Set the sleeve to the zero position. → The "0" must align with the clamping screws on the adapter.
  3.  Clamp the adapter's clamping screws.
  4.  Drill.
  5. Measure the bore diameter.
  6. Loosen the clamping screws.
  7. Correct the bore diameter using the sleeve. → Observe the scale on the sleeve. The value must align with the clamping screws on the adapter.
  8. Clamp the clamping screws.
  9. Drill.