Three cutting edges for even more power

Practical test

Material: 42CrMo4 | Diameter: 18 mm | Hole depth: 90 mm

 Application data     WTX-Change Feed       Competitor 1 & 2
 Two fluted exchangeable head system  
 vc in m/min  90  110
 f in mm/rev  0.55  0.34
 vf in mm/min  876 (+33%)  662

Competitor (dark grey) vs. WTX-Change Feed (red)

Machining time

Owing to the high feeds of the WTX – Change Feed, the machining time has been significantly reduced. A mere 41 minutes was required for these 400 holes to be produced in the practical test.

WTX-Change Feed

End of service life after 1611 holes

Competitor 1

End of service life after 988 holes

Competitor 2

End of service life after 800 holes