MicroKom – hi.flex-micro precision adjustment head
The continuing success story of the hi.flex system

For a finish bore diameter range of 0.5 mm to 60 mm 

With its bore diameter range of 0.5 mm to 60 mm, the hi.flex-micro precision adjustment head is an all-rounder for precise finish bores in terms of position accuracy, cylinder shape, roundness and surface quality. We have significantly reduced the dimensions of the original hi.flex and specifically optimised it for µm-precise diameters in the smallest diameter range.

Easy handling

Moreover, the hi.flex-micro stands out for its excellent, easy handling. The adjustment head offers an adjustment accuracy of 0.002 mm (in diameter) with the aid of the very easy-to-read vernier scale, with an adjustment range of up to 5 mm in diameter. Only one key is required for all work steps such as clamping, setting or adjusting and for assembling the serrated body and insert holder. The hi.flex-micro is balanced in the slide centre position and ensures thro’ coolant supply directly to the cutting edge across all diameter ranges. 

Adjustment accuracy
0.002 mm

Maximum speed 30,000 rpm in slide centre position

Adjustment range 
-0.5 mm – +5 mm

Boring range
Ø 0.5 – 60 mm

Comprehensive product range

The product range also includes the boring bar adapters for using the UltraMini and EcoCut boring bars for the smallest diameter range. Four clamping flats offset by 90° are circumferentially attached to the clamping diameter of the adapter. This means that any boring bar from the extensive range can be used, regardless of which side the clamping flat is located on the boring bar. As a special feature, the adapter is also suitable for boring bars with internal coolant supply, which makes it the ideal partner for UltraMini and EcoCut boring bars. Other accessories such as boring bars with indexable inserts, serrated bodies, insert holders, and custom boring bars adapted for the individual application as a semi-standard, round off the overall package.

Thanks to its favourable mass ratio and the symmetrically balanced design, maximum speeds of up to 30,000 rpm can be achieved. The radially positioned balancing threads, which enable precision balancing in the working position, also contribute to this. A high speed and balancing quality are absolute prerequisites for drilling the smallest of diameters. The hi.flex-micro precision adjustment head delivers both in full. This makes this system a sustainable investment and an absolute must-have for every well-equipped production facility – not least because of its outstanding durability and attractive price.

All the benefits of the hi.flex-micro precision spindle head at a glance

  • Very large finish boring range (0.5 mm – 60 mm)
  • Specially designed for small and very small diameters
  • Very flexible due to extremely lightweight, modular design
  • Very high speeds achievable thanks to its favourable mass ratio and symmetrically balanced design
  • Radially positioned balancing threads enable precision balancing in the working position
  • Specially designed boring bars tailored specifically to the individual application, available as semi-standard
  • Exceptionally user-friendly thanks to easy handling
  • Very attractive price
  • Boring bar adapter for using UltraMini and EcoCut boring bars

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