KUB Pentron CS – drill with cartridge system

Now you can drill up to a diameter of 96 mm

Process-secure, powerful and reliable system for creating large holes with a diameter of up to 96.00 mm. It has a modular design and consists of a base body, an internal cartridge and an external cartridge. A certain diameter range can already be covered with a holder and a suitable internal cartridge.

ABS interface

  • Improved force transmission for optimum machining results
  • Greater degree of accuracy and higher cutting speeds
  • Higher clamping force

Basic element

  • Burnished, wear-resistant KUB Pentron base holder in the accustomed high quality from KOMET

Modular system

  • Process-secure, reliable
  • Interchangeable
  • Minimises tool costs

Cartridge solution with tried-and-tested SOGX indexable inserts

  • A certain diameter range can be covered with a holder and a suitable internal cartridge 
  • The external cartridge must be adapted to the nominal outer diameter
  • Existing SOGX indexable inserts from the standard portfolio
  • Universal application, powerful, specialised