KUB Pentron

The specialist for large hole depths

A completely new approach was adopted in the development of the KUB Pentron. It combines key features such as achievable accuracies, outstanding performance parameters and large hole depths in a single tool. The KUB Pentron masters extreme machining situations that were previously only possible in 3xD and steals a march on the competition.


  • High productivity due to 20% higher speed and feed rate values compared with conventional indexable insert drills already on the market
  • Better surface and hole quality
  • Highly cost-effective as the internal and external indexable inserts are identical
  • Easy handling
  • Maximum tool life thanks to four usable cutting edges made from modern substrates with customised coatings
  • Consistent deflection across all materials and feeds
  • Low adhesion of chips to the tool holder, thanks to a special coating
  • Large selection of shank variants
  • FEM-optimised chip flutes ensure good chip clearing and process-secure drilling
  • MMS-compatible at 3xD (ABS)


Its optimum basic body rigidity and a special surface treatment make the KUB Pentron the specialist for:

  • Large hole depths
  • Steel, cast iron, aluminium and stainless materials
  • Ideal for extreme machining situations

● = Main application, ○ = Secondary application, - = Not possible

Hole depth 2xD 3xD 4xD 5xD
Drilling through a transverse hole
Stack plate drilling
Drilling on uneven surfaces
Core drilling - -
Spot drilling a convex surface
Spot drilling angled surfaces
Spot drilling a pointed contour
Deep holes -
Drilling through a centre or pre-op

Spot drilling on a pointed corner

Spot drilling on an edge

Drilling through stacks

Spot drilling on a weld joint or corrugated surface