Reamax TS

Modular reaming system kit

The completely innovative Reamax TS tool concept with uniform holder system and standardised interface offers maximum flexibility and efficiency for all KOMET reaming heads thanks to fast and extremely precise tool change. The Reamax TS provides for maximum system modularity with a versatile and clearly structured reaming head programme that covers all common diameter ranges and requirements. This helps to reduce tool costs and keep logistics expenditure to a minimum. Tool changing could not be easier. The unique modular concept minimises handling, thus extending machine uptime.


  • All common materials
  • Through and blind holes
  • Tightest bore tolerances
  • Up to 5xD
  • High-speed up to 500 m/min
  • Feed up to 2.4 mm/rev

The benefit for you

  • Fast, extremely precise tool change
  • Set-up times reduced to absolute minimum
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Simple and cost-effective tool logistics
  • Can be adjusted in µ-range
  • Cutting edge geometry adapted to the application


Chip flow straight / left helix

Reaming heads adjustable

Coolant exit lateral/central

Wide range of cutting materials/coating

Easy assembly with the Reamax TS

Interface for maximum process security
The precise interface guarantees the safe transfer of torque developed during reaming and the radial run-out accuracy needed for fine machining . Reamax TS is designed for high-speed machining.

Minimises set-up time
Radial clamping allows the reaming tools to be changed without having to remove the holder from the adapter, thereby significantly reducing the set-up time.

The Reamax TS enables you to achieve maximum process security for the smallest tolerances.

Multi-cutting edge tools
The Reamax TS multi-cutting edge tools can be adjusted for wear compensation and to achieve the smallest tolerances from IT4 onwards. No presetting needed to achieve maximum repeatability.

  • Longer tool life
  • Maximum performance
  • Tightest bore tolerance
  • Reduced machine downtime

With thro' coolant supply
The coolant is supplied to the tool with radial or central ducts.