High-end drilling

WTX Speed

WTX Speed stands for incredibly high cutting speeds and an extraordinary service life. But that wasn't enough for us. An innovative change to the geometry has allowed us to improve the performance of the high-speed drill even further and thus develop what is perhaps the best speed drill in the world! In addition to an optimised cutting edge shape, cutting edge design and the unique, finely honed flute profile, the legendary Dragonskin coating has also been optimised. The impressive result sees the WTX Speed capable of achieving double the cutting speed and up to 20 % higher feeds than conventional solid carbide drills. Even the service life of the WTX Speed shows a clear improvement. It is now twice that of competitor products.

MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY thanks to the Dragonskin revolution

Optimisations and advantages

  • Extremely high levels of productivity
    - Improved cutting edge shape and cutting edge design
  • Faster chip removal
    - Unique, precision-ground flute profile
  • Increased service life
    - Extremely robust cutting edges that can withstand higher stresses
  • Only available in 5xD at present

DPX14S – The new universal coating

This newly developed universal coating is particularly impressive thanks to its low coefficient of friction against steel. The 3 μm – 4 μm thick nanolayer coating is made from a special composition of titanium aluminium nitride. The maximum application temperature is 1000 °C and is therefore incredibly high.

  • TiAlN-based nanolayer 
  • Max. application temperature 1000 °C 
  • Coefficient of friction (dry, against steel) = 0.35

WTX Feed

Two- to three-times higher feeds than conventional drills make the WTX Feed the undisputed leader in high-feed drilling. In addition, the three-flute drill has a powerful, self-centring chisel edge that guarantees extremely accurate positioning, even for difficult drilling applications. The WTX Feed has undergone further development to become even more powerful. The high-feed drill was finished with the legendary Dragonskin coating DPX74S, which instantly took the service life of the tried-and-tested universal WTX UNI drill to another level. The coating upgrade has also resulted in record-breaking improvements to the service life of the WTX Feed. In combination with a few changes to the geometry, this means that the solid carbide drill can now be used for even more applications. The WTX Feed also impresses with regard to process security. Its polished (ultra-smooth) flutes provide optimum chip removal.  

INCREDIBLY UNIVERSAL through proven Dragonskin coating

Optimisations and advantages

  • Recognisable
    - Tried-and-tested Dragonskin coating DPX74S
  • Optimised 3-cutting edge geometry increases productivity
    - Higher cutting speeds
    - Higher feeds
  • A secure drilling process ensures a clear improvement in the service life
    - Extra-smooth flute surfaces (finishing process)
    - Dragonskin DPX74S
  • Available in 5xD and 8xD 
  • Available from Ø 4.00 mm

DPX74S – The universal coating

Special Layer Structure
The 4 – 5 micron thick, golden nano-layer coating has an extremely high temperature resistance and is particularly wear resistant.

Magnification: x 4,000 / Magnification: x 15,000
  • special TiAlN Nanolayer coating 
  • maximum application temperature 1000 °C