MaxiMill 271

New system size for more economy

Efficiency, process security and flexibility. That’s what MaxiMill 271 stands for. The extremely soft-cutting tool system can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to the fine and standard pitch holders, while the wiper insert also helps achieve first-class finishes. Furthermore, the system stands out thanks to the cutter’s excellent wear behaviour and also impresses with optimal chip formation and removal.

Advantages / benefits

  • Optimal surface quality
    Produced with the Masterfinish geometry
  • Flexible usage / wide range of applications
    Product portfolio with fine and standard pitch holders
  • High chip volume and cutting data and outstanding process security
    Thanks to stable and highly streamlined indexable inserts
  • Excellent efficiency
    8 usable cutting edges
  • Perfect face and radial run-out properties
    Thanks to the tool holder’s close tolerances in combination with the indexable inserts’ precision peripherally ground cutting edges
  1. Irregular pitch for extremely quiet running
  2. Face milling variant with 45° approach angle
  3. Optimal process security thanks to a stable indexable insert
  4. Precision-ground indexable insert for total axial and radial run-out accuracy
  5. Masterfinish geometry
  6. Easy handling thanks to the largest possible contact surfaces
  7. For system size 12 mm, there are more cutting edges around the periphery of the tool holder than there are for system size 17 mm
  8. High feed variant with 17° approach angle

Test Report

Ø Milling cutter diameter (mm): 125
Material: S355
Speed Vc (m/min): 200
Cutting width ae (mm): 100


fz (mm) 0.3
ap (mm) 3
Chip volume, Q (cm3/min) 523
Number of finished finished 66


fz (mm) 0.2
ap (mm) 1
Chip volume, Q (cm3/min) 97
Number of finished components 44