SilverLine – Solid carbide end mills

The range of tools for universal, high-performance machining

Our new, expanded SilverLine solid carbide tool range is all about performance. Thanks to the new Dragonskin coating and advanced geometry, our tools now enable you to achieve even higher cutting speeds. The new SilverLine end mills are also a cut above in terms of wear resistance. Plus, the SilverLine range now contains even more milling cutters for additional applications.

  • Less vibration even with high angles of contact
  • Significantly increased fracture resistance
  • Smoother processing
  • Lower forces during chip formation
  • Reduced heat generation
  • Greater range of diameters
  • Increased range of flute options
  • HA shank options
  • Versions with thro’ coolant
  • Roughing-finishing milling cutters
  • Rough milling cutters
  • Full slot milling cutters
  • Processing of almost all materials
  • Increased temperature resistance
  • Wet and dry machining

Universal application thanks to expanded tool range

The SilverLine range contains different end mills for machining a variety of materials:

1. Torus face milling cutter | face milling

2. End milling cutter | peripheral milling

3. End milling cutter | helical plunging

5. Torus face milling cutter | helical plunging

6. Roughing finishing cutter | full slot & peripheral milling

7. End milling cutter | full slot & peripheral milling

8. End milling cutter | full slot & peripheral milling

9. Roughing milling cutter | full slot & peripheral milling

10. High accuracy finishing cutter | peripheral milling (finishing)

11. Ball nosed cutter | 3D milling

Optimised geometry for greater process security and higher cutting speeds

In order to achieve the best possible cutting speeds, our developers have worked intensively to create the optimum geometry and to optimise the core diameter for universal application. This ensures that the tool vibration is reduced, even at high contact angles. In order to guarantee even better chip clearance and operation, the cutting edge and the flute geometry has also been adjusted. This results in a tool that has greater stability, less susceptibility to wear and offers higher cutting speeds.

Brand-new Dragonskin coating for greater performance

The new Dragonskin coating ensures even better machining for almost all materials. This latest generation multi-layer coating makes the SilverLine end mills even more temperature-resistant and wear-resistant against abrasive materials. The solid carbide milling cutters with Dragonskin coating are also ideal for dry machining.

This test report shows the performance in comparison to previous versions and competitors’ tools:

Material number: Z160 CDV12
vc: 160 m/min
Diameter: 10 mm

Red = SilverLine – new
Pale grey = SilverLine – old
Dark grey = competitor

Break test

Tool life in m

Initially we were very sceptical, but switching to the SilverLine was one of our best decisions. Since then our productivity has taken a huge leap forwards.
Managing Director Heinz Knöpfle GmbH, Christian Knöpfle

Use our regrinding service to get more from your tool.
Maintaining the original finish, coating and geometry will extend the life of the tool.