Hydraulic chuck with VDI and cylindrical shank connection

Master tool changes quickly and precisely with hydro-expansion technology!

We have expanded our range of clamping tools to include a hydraulic chuck, which allows the advantages of hydro-expansion technology to be utilised optimally on turning/milling centres. It ensures high precision clamping of the boring bar with shank tolerance h7 and repeatability of 3 μm. Tool changes are performed in seconds and can be carried out directly in the machine without auxiliary devices.

Cumbersome fine adjustment is now a thing of the past

  • The hydraulic chuck is available with a VDI interface as a complete solution for direct fitting in the turret of the turning machine with internal coolant supply
  • The hydraulic chuck has a diameter of 20 mm as standard for VDI 30 and 40 interfaces
  • A cylindrical shank version for turning/milling centres with thro' coolant is also included in the range
    → available in Ø 16 and 20 mm for a cylinder diameter of 32 mm
    → and in increments 16, 20 and 25 mm for a cylinder diameter of 40 mm
  • Hydraulic chucks enable tool changes without auxiliary devices; changes can be easily performed in the machine in seconds using an Allen key.
  1. Clamping using hydro-expansion bushing
  2. Screw for tool fastening
  3. Screw for locking the boring bar
  4. Available as:
    - VDI 30/40
    - Cylindrical shank 32/40
  5. Reducing bushing for flexible clamping diameter