ABS adapters

Modular system with comprehensive tool selection for unlimited possible combinations

CERATIZIT’s (formerly Komet’s) patented modular ABS adapter system gives users exceptional flexibility together with fast tool changes. The system can be used with all common machine interfaces (SK, SK-FC, BT, BT-FC, HSK-A, PSC, VDI). An adapter with ABS interface is built directly into the machine spindle. After that, users can choose from a huge range of adapters: from hydraulic chucks, short drill chucks and collet chucks through to damping elements, extensions and much more – the right, customised and modular cutting tool can be created for every requirement. Once the system with the specific interfaces has been implemented in production, the modular tools can be flexibly used on different machines. Tool changes are made easy with just a few simple steps. Besides this, the system offers exceptional clamping force and precision.

Overview of ABS adapters

Hydraulic chuck

Heat shrink adapter

Whistle notch

ER collet chuck

Quick change tapping chuck with length compensation

Short drill chuck

Synchro tapping chuck

Combination shell mill adapter

Extension with ABS connection

Adjuster with ABS connection

Torsional vibration damper with ABS connection

Eccentric adjuster with ABS connection

Damping element with ABS connection

Maximum clamping force and precision with ABS adapters

The ABS interface is a modular coupling system which, thanks to higher force transmission, lower noise generation and a shorter overhang length, offers many benefits that improve performance.

The pendulum bolts with stepped shape and two contact parties ensure higher clamping force and precision. This means a better force transmission with the corresponding effects on the machining result.

  1. Pendulum bolt
  2. Coolant pipe
  3. Clamping screw
  4. Positioning pin
  5. Taper screw
  • Improved force transmission
  • Optimum machining result
  • Higher cutting values possible
  • Less noise pollution in production
  • System fully upwards- and downwards-compatible