SoloClamp X5G-Z | 5-axis vice

X5G-Z Five to six-sided machining in a single clamping device

All the advantages that ensure optimum and simple 5- and 6-sided machining combined in a single clamping device.

Optimum accessibility from all sides

Experience real 5-axis machining!

Fast jaw changeover without tools

Reduces setup times significantly.

Large jaw building blocks with 18 quick-change jaws in widths of 40 mm/65 mm/80 mm/125 mm

Spindle quick change system

Fast conversion without tools.

Maximum ease of handling and integrated pull-down action for 5- and 6-sided machining

  1. Clamping range quick adjustment
    140 mm basic clamping stroke without conversion
  2. Fully encapsulated mechanical spindle
    Can be easily extended up to a clamping range of 690 mm
  3. Optimised against vibrations
    Integrated, internal elastomer damping
  4. 5- and 6-sided machining possible
    ▲ Integrated pull-down action
    ▲ No flow of force via the seating surface