CERAsmart Cockpit – Optimal use of your digital production data

What is CERAsmart Cockpit?

Do you have a clear idea about how to digitalise machining in your company? Do you know which data you would like to have processed and evaluated? Or do you need some advice about how specific data could help you to achieve better process control and reliable tool monitoring?

Whichever of these two categories you fall into, CERATIZIT is the right partner for you as our CERAsmart Cockpit combines all aspects of digital machining. It enables us to provide you with a bespoke combination of evaluated data – from the cutting edge via the spindle to the machine. This ensures that you have an optimum overview of your production processes at all times.


Want to keep an eye on the entire machining process?
This is how it works.

The main job of CERAsmart Cockpit is to record measurable data from the entire production process and then visualise and analyse it logically.
The aim of this is to detect process problems that are not obvious as quickly as possible, interpret them correctly and rectify them with the help of CERATIZIT.
This results in significant time savings in data recording, identifying problems and troubleshooting.

Helping you increase the efficiency of your manufacturing processes!

Create a custom CERAsmart Cockpit package to meet your needs.

You can either access CERAsmart Cockpit via the CERATIZIT Cloud or have it installed in your own network environment. Different Cockpit modules – ToolScope Connection, ToolCycle and Data Connection – can be selected depending on your requirements. These modules contain defined features that provide, visualise and analyse data from different process steps.

CERAsmart Cockpit including ToolScope Connection module

One of the key solution modules of the CERAsmart Cockpit is ToolScope, our digital monitoring and control system. ToolScope can be retrofitted to existing machines or installed in your new machining centre directly ex works.
Process control, process security and process optimisation are the key aspects of ToolScope.
The direct connection to your machine – regardless of the machine or control manufacturer – enables all production data to be collected by ToolScope and used for process control.
In particular, the data from the machine spindle is not only relevant as a data source for process monitoring, but is also used by CERAsmart Cockpit for other process analyses.

CERAsmart Cockpit including ToolCycle module

With the ToolCycle module, tools can be clearly identified, tracked, and their entire life cycle displayed.
This enables you to call up tool information, including all relevant technical attributes and corresponding cutting data, quickly and easily so you can track the tool stock in real time and use the individual tool data for process evaluations and analyses.
The ToolCycle module also allows you to view the individual regrinding status of the tool and go directly to the CERATIZIT online shop where you can quickly and easily order the right tools. 

What's more, a mobile app has been developed for ToolCycle so you can scan the tools wherever you are to access clear tool information 24/7.

The "CERAsmart Cockpit" app can be downloaded directly from the Apple Store or Google Play Store:


Integration of other data sources with the Data Connection module

Selected process data and the tool condition are transmitted from ToolScope to the CERAsmart Cockpit. Other data sources can also be integrated, such as:

  • ERP systems
  • Data from automatic tooling machines
  • Data from quality management


Data evaluation with error analysis

In CERAsmart Cockpit, the data fed in is evaluated and it shows you how your process can be optimised. Possible causes of errors could be:

  • Errors in quality management
  • Errors in the machine
  • Incorrect tool selection
  • Connection problems
  • Suboptimal cutting data


Data evaluation combined with our application engineers' expertise

During the data evaluation process in CERAsmart Cockpit, our experienced application engineers are on hand at all times to assist you. They will give you personalised advice and find the optimal solution in each case to take your processes to the highest level of efficiency and quality.

The clear collection, visualisation and evaluation of data allows you to quickly identify the problem with CERAsmart Cockpit and continue your production processes in an optimised manner!

Don't have any experience with digital production data? 

When IT and production technology come together, then digitalisation can work. But how can we ensure this is a success? By pooling and combining the expertise of various partners. In order to ensure this does not become a major challenge for you, we have already established relevant partnerships to ensure you can transition to the digital future straight away.

❗ What the process looked like up to now

  • Manual data collection from preproduction, machines, tool management systems and from the quality department
  • Data analysis in Excel
  • Individual follow-up of measures and solutions in the event of production problems (e.g. machine downtimes, tool breakages)

✔️ with the use of CERAsmart Cockpit

  • Automated data integration
  • Access to production data virtually in real time
  • Extended analysis functions
  • Structured tracking of tool and process problems as well as fast problem detection and problem solving

90% time saving
when gathering data

80% time saving
when troubleshooting

0.5% improvement in OEE
(overall equipment effectiveness)


Is my data secure? 

The question of security always arises whenever you're working with sensitive production data. Not least because this data that has been collected needs to be transferred between different systems in order to be able to identify the necessary process optimisations in the first place. After all, the data itself only generates added value when it is processed accordingly so that the expected added value is clear to see.

Alongside the main advantage of CERAsmart Cockpit – quickly and transparently uncovering optimisation potential by evaluating data – the system also guarantees excellent IT security. Following detailed IT testing, it has been officially approved.
In addition, at no time does CERAsmart Cockpit record any sensitive data that allows the finished workpiece to be determined – only the relevant process parameters are collected and analysed.

Have we sparked your interest? Then get in touch and let us know how we can help.