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Thanks to digital monitoring for process optimisation in your production

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With our CERAsmart Cockpit you can get the most out of your digital data. It provides you with an individual combination of measurable data from the entire manufacturing process, which is recorded, logically visualised, and analysed. In this way you can also identify process problems that are not obvious and solve them with the help of CERATIZIT. 

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Why do you need process monitoring?

As soon as processing machines are to operate as autonomously as possible, there is no getting around automatic monitoring of the tools used and the connected processes: cutting edge wear or tool breakage are just a few aspects that can impair efficient production. But thanks to fast-acting monitoring mechanisms, tool defects can already be detected during machining and machining can be stopped -- even before damage to the tool or workpiece endangers production. 

Keep a close eye on your processes

Do you want more digitalisation in machining? We set the course with our ToolScope monitoring and control system. Our system permanently records signals from the machine that are generated during the production process. This data is visualised in a clearly understandable way and used in a variety of ways to monitor and control the machine. For this purpose, there are different, freely selectable modules that can be combined with each other for individualised process control.

What is ToolScope?

✔️ Process control

  • Process data is collected, displayed and evaluated by ToolScope 
  • Deviations are detected in real time 
  • You can intervene in your production processes - even completely automatically thanks to ToolScope! 

✔️ Machine protection

  • The machine condition is monitored for maintenance.  
  • ToolScope is like the airbag in the machine: in the event of impact collisions, an emergency stop is triggered even earlier than the machine would do. 
  • This prevents overloading of the tool and the machine tool.

✔️ Documentation & digitalisation

  • For the tool life analysis, data on the use of the tool is recorded. 
  • Machine downtime analysis includes the analysis of machine downtimes and why they occur. 
  • 100% control over the workpiece: critical process parameters are documented to ensure the highest quality standards. 

The most important features of ToolScope

TS-PM: Process monitoring

ToolScope automatically learns the optimal sequence of your process and then reacts to any deviation in machining.


  • Detects tool breakages
  • Reduces consequential damage to tool, workpiece and machine
  • Quick and easy adaptation to production processes
  • Enables unmanned production through 100% control of the workpieces

Wear monitoring

ToolScope detects worn tools based on the average process force. Thus, the tool's reserves are fully utilised without risking tool breakage.


  • Reduces tool costs / tool breakages
  • Increases machine availability
  • Optimises tool utilisation

TS-AFC: Adaptive feed control

The feed rate control speeds up the process where this is safely possible and at the same time protects the tool by absorbing load peaks.


  • Reduces cycle times and protects against overload
  • Increases tool life
  • Increases machine availability
  • Optimises the processes
  • Protects the machine

CD: Collision detection

Responds faster than the machine itself! ToolScope's collision monitoring detects impact collisions with the help of an acceleration sensor and thus even before the machine reacts. An emergency stop is initiated within <1 ms, thus preventing major damage.


  • Prevents damage to tool and workpiece
  • Reduces repair costs
  • Reduces machine downtimes
  • Documents collisions



Further features

TS-CM: Condition monitoring

Here, the so-called fingerprint of the machine is recorded. This makes it possible to display trends in the machine's condition, which makes it easier for maintenance to take the necessary measures in good time.


  • Detects bearing damage on axles and spindles at an early stage
  • Supports the planning of maintenance measures and troubleshooting
  • Ensures machine protection
  • An important building block for seamless digital documentation.

TS-TCLog: Werkzeugwechsellog

Records tool usage via tool life counters to reduce administrative effort. ToolScope, for example, analyses deviations in tool life and thus uncovers optimisation potential.


  • Documents tool life and reasons for tool changes 
  • Replaces manually managed tool tracking charts
  • The data analysis uncovers optimisation potential

TS-MDA: Machine data analysis

Records machine operating data such as machine downtimes and their reasons and stores them for further evaluation. The analysis of this data offers enormous potential for high productivity increases.


  • Records operating data of the machine incl. reasons for standstill 
  • Data basis for detecting productivity losses

TS-QRep: Quality documentation

Monitoring and real-time documentation as proof of quality for critical processes. Especially for special monitoring standards of aviation "GEP11TF12" and "MTV548-4" ToolScope ensures the required high quality standards.


  • Proof of quality standard, eliminating the need for manual checks 
  • Documents critical process parameters in a .pdf file

TS-Connect: Network functions

The integration of ToolScope into the company network enables automatic data transfer to a server or to a network drive. The advantage of this is that long-term data storage, an automatic back-up function and remote access are guaranteed.


  • Automate your production with a combination of unique digital monitoring solutions:
  • ToolScope (direct machine connection)
  • spike®_mobile (precise measuring device)

ToolScope ft. iTendo²
Sensitive dream team for efficient processes

A duo for full process control, even in the smallest diameter range

Process monitoring with ToolScope is extremely reliable; especially for milling operations. In order to determine reliable process data for milling cutters with diameters of 0.3 mm upwards and for finishing processes, we now offer a package with the intelligent iTENDO² hydraulic holder. Its sensor system is so sensitive that it can even detect the smallest of vibrations, forward this to ToolScope and present it to the user.

ToolScope in use

The features of our ToolScope have aroused your interest? Now you would like to learn more about how you too can optimise your machining with this smart monitoring system? Then take a look at the numerous examples of successful applications with ToolScope.

CERAsmart Cockpit

For you, the digitalisation of machining is not just a vague image, but you have clear ideas about which data you would like to have processed and evaluated? Or are you still far away from it and are looking for advice on which data can help you to achieve more process control and reliable tool monitoring? 

In both cases CERATIZIT is the right partner for you, because with our CERAsmart Cockpit we combine all aspects of digital machining and provide you with an individual combination of evaluated data - from the cutter to the spindle to the machine. So that you always have an optimum overview of your production processes.

ToolScope ex works in your new machine

You order a new machining centre or a milling machine and want to benefit from the ToolScope features without any detours? It's easy, because thanks to our close cooperation with some of the leading machine manufacturers such as Grob, Hermle and Starrag Heckert, you can order ToolScope directly in the ordering process. You can find out which other manufacturers and machine types this is possible with from your personal customer advisor and on our separate landing page.

Success stories of our partners & customers

Are you interested in ToolScope? Please contact us for further information!

Our YouTube programme "THE CUT"

On YouTube we also collect interesting information about machining from the entire CERATIZIT Group. For example, in the fifth episode of the English-language programme 'THE CUT' we talk about the possibilities of the ToolScope digital monitoring system and how our customers can use it to gain full control over the production processes.