ToolScope ft. iTENDO² – sensitive dream team for efficient processes

The intelligent iTENDO² tool holder complements the ToolScope process monitoring system for micro and finish machining.


iTENDO² combines the outstanding properties of hydraulic clamping technology with digital process monitoring via ToolScope in a tool holder. This means that reliable process data can now be determined for milling cutters with diameters of 0.3 mm upwards and for finishing processes.

This is what the intelligent iTENDO² tool holder does

Digital production is already a reality. It enables companies to make their processes more reliable, reproducible and faster. Thanks to 'thinking' components, unexpected interferences can be detected at an early stage, displayed in real time and even rendered 'harmless' where appropriate. This minimises the reject rate, reduces production times and increases quality and efficiency.

One way to get there is via the new intelligent iTENDO² tool holder in tandem with our CERAsmart ToolScope process monitoring system. Its 'closest-to-the-part' acceleration sensor makes the iTENDO² tool holder the perfect addition to ToolScope, allowing for precise process values even with the smallest tool diameters. It feeds the data collected directly into the ToolScope system, visualises it and, if necessary, proactively intervenes in the machine control system.

  • Intelligent real-time sensors: ensure reliable process monitoring and help maximise tool service life
  • Tried-and-tested slim outside profile as on conventional hydraulic chucks
  • No restrictions for the use of coolants
  • Speeds of up to 30,000 rpm: suitable for use in a wide range of applications
  • Customised product packages in combination with ToolScope: the right solution for every task and complexity level

Interested in using the new iTENDO²? Please contact our product specialists directly for more.

Process monitoring with sensitivity

Process monitoring with ToolScope is extremely reliable; especially for milling operations. In order to determine reliable process data for milling cutters with diameters of 0.3 mm upwards and for finishing processes, we are now able to offer the iTENDO². Its sensor system is so sensitive that it can even detect the smallest of vibrations, forward this to ToolScope and present it to the user.

What's more, instead of just visualising the data collected, iTENDO² can even intervene in unfavourable processes together with ToolScope. It can take action directly in the machine, increase or reduce feed rates or even stop the machine, thus reliably avoiding tool breakage and damage to the workpiece. This combination greatly expands the range of applications of ToolScope. It means that the system is suitable for all diameters, for processes with a low torque or low material removal and even monitors delicate milling operations.

Easy start guaranteed

With CERAsmart ToolScope, we are making it as easy as possible for you to get started with transparent data recording, and with the intelligent iTENDO² tool holder we complement this right down to the smallest diameter range. As soon as the tool holder is connected with ToolScope, the iTENDO² immediately detects any irregularities in the machining process and helps you to work even more efficiently and reliably. Do you want to follow the process in real time? Nothing could be simpler, because all relevant data is clearly visualised via CERAsmart Cockpit.

Want to see how user-friendly iTENDO² and ToolScope can be? Watch our video for more.

Ready to upgrade?

Are you already using an iTENDO²? Or do you use ToolScope and need reliable monitoring of your micro-cutting? Then getting started with ToolScope is just as easy as with a completely new system.

We have also made the iTENDO² as diverse as possible in terms of interfaces. No matter whether CAPTO, SK 40/50, HSK-A 63, HSK-A 100, CAT 40 or even JIS-BT 30/40 are required, you will find a connection under every number

Ready for process monitoring in small dimensions?

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