Shank thread milling cutter for material-friendly thread production

MonoThread – SFSE & SGF: The threading specialists with a real performance boost

The quality of a thread often determines whether the final product is a success or a reject. As it is often produced at the very end of the entire machining process, maximum precision and process security are key. The undisputed champions here are thread milling cutters such as the MonoThread – SGF as a shank thread milling cutter and the MonoThread – SFSE from CERATIZIT's Performance Line. The new edition sees the tool making strides towards its mission and delivering a performance increase of up to 20%: boasting improved tool life and an optimum price-performance ratio.


Thread milling has become a viable alternative to tapping and thread forming or thread whirling. With the MonoThread – SGF as a shank thread milling cutter and the MonoThread – SFSE, the shank thread milling cutter with chamfer facet, CERATIZIT has launched two thread specialists with the requisite enhanced performance.

Solid carbide shank thread milling cutter
MonoThread – SGF   

  • 28 different versions
  • Thread types → M / MF / G
  • Materials → Universal

Solid carbide shank thread milling cutter with chamfer facet
MonoThread – SFSE

  • 38 different versions
  • Thread types → M / MF / G / NPT / UNC / UNF
  • Materials → Universal


The thread milling cutter upgrade is ideal for all standardised thread profiles with all tolerances and especially for asymmetrical, thin-walled, large or very expensive workpieces. The solid carbide shank thread milling cutters can be used to machine any materials, including high-strength and tempered steels.

Our MonoThread – SGF & SFSE solid carbide thread milling cutters are making strides towards their mission:

→ Reliable increase in performance of up to 20% compared to the previous model!

  • Increased number of cutting edges  
    → Quicker machining time
  • Optimised core rounding and taper
    → Improved service life and dimensional accuracy 
  • Precision grinding
    → Significantly higher grinding quality
  • Thro’ coolant from a thread size of M4
    → Improved tool service life
  • Advanced coating
    → Greater wear resistance
  • Possible to regrind up to three times
    → Improved efficiency

Sustainable thanks to regrinding

If a MonoThread milling cutter is no longer able to achieve its full performance level after a lengthy period of use, it won't be time to get rid of it for a while yet, as these tools can be reground – even several times. This increases cost effectiveness and conserves vital resources.

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Good to know: The advantages of thread milling

If you compare the machining result of a tap with the corresponding thread profile produced with a thread milling cutter from the Performance Line, it's easy to see that the surface structure of the milled thread is much smoother than one produced with a tap, particularly on the thread flanks. The milled thread profile exhibits hardly any fractures, while the tap pulls individual particles out of the material (particularly on the thread flanks) leading to cratering. MonoThread – SGF and MonoThread – SFSE prevent this due to their axial coolant supply.

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