CentriClamp ZSG 4 – the all-rounder among centric vices

Optimised ZSG 4 centric vice with impressive firm grip and easy handling

Optimised handling and improved durability were top of the list in the update for the popular ZSG 4 centric vice. A fully stainless base body guarantees a long useful life, and the encapsulated spindle practically eliminates all maintenance requirements. Since interference contours are a nerve-wracking plague for everyday machining, we have moved the formerly external actuation screw for the vice spindle to the inside of the 80 mm and 125 mm-width ZSG 4 vices. This eliminates interference contours while also minimising wear on the screw. The scale lasered onto the centric vice is another benefit when it comes to handling. This makes it clear at first glance where the zero point and centre point are to be found, making it even easier to place the workpiece in the centre. Direct access to help videos and operating instructions is provided via an additional lasered QR code.

The benefits of the ZSG 4 centric vice at a glance

  • Fully stainless base body
  • 100% encapsulated spindle for an even longer useful life
  • Easier maintenance owing to the improved accessibility
  • Lasering of scale and QR code for additional info directly on the vice
  • 100% compatible with the accessories of the predecessor version
  • An improved interference contour compared to its predecessor with widths of 80 mm and 125 mm
  • High clamping forces of max. 25 kN with the ZSG 4 80 mm, 35 kN for the ZSG 4 125 mm and 50 kN with the ZSG 4 160 mm

Regardless of what needs clamping – from plastic to aluminium and hardened materials (up to HRC 58) – the ZSG 4 has the necessary grip for all materials. No additional operations such as time-consuming pre-stamping are necessary for this. Owing to its high clamping forces of up to 25 kN with the ZSG 4 80 mm, 35 kN for the ZSG 4 125 mm and 50 kN with ZSG 4 160 mm, the centric vice grips reliably and won’t release until required to do so. With the optimised ZSG 4, all dimensions have remained the same and everything is compatible with the predecessor model. 

  1. Jaw change: quick and easy with two screws
  2. Design: compact with ideal accessibility
  3. Durability: protected spindle – closed system, high process security
  4. Scale: laser marking of the base body and jaws, aid for positioning the system jaws and workpiece
  5. User-friendliness: easy maintenance and accessibility, optimised for cleaning
  6. Precision: highly accurate thanks to absence of play in mountings
  7. Compatibility: the same clamping ranges, significantly improved interference contour, comprehensive modular jaw range
  8. Quality structure: sustainable model with nickel-plated base body ensures a long service life
  9. QR code: with a wealth of helpful information

SoloClamp ESG 5 – single vice version

Single vices are often used in particular for double-side machining, as very high angle accuracy is an advantage for such clamping operations.

The ESG 5, a single clamp development of the ZSG 4, is the perfect addition here. The flat and easily accessible base body shape is a benefit in the single-vice version, too. In contrast to the ZSG 4, the ESG 5 has one jaw fixed to the base body by means of a slot and two screws. 

SoloClamp ESG 5

Indexable jaw grip, fixed

Indexable jaw grip, movable

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