MaxiMill 273-08 – the turbo roughing tool gets under the surface

Face mill with up to 16 cutting edges per indexable insert

The proven MaxiMill 273 face mill has a new addition. To meet market requirements when roughing steel and cast iron with a cost-effective and high-performance tool system, the MaxiMill 273 now has an update for ap depths of cut of up to 5 mm or 6 mm. With its double-sided octagon milling inserts, the MaxiMill 273-08 sets standards when it comes to cost-effectiveness.


Diverse range of tool carriers with diameters from 63 mm to 315 mm

If you are looking for an efficient, versatile and cost-effective solution for industrial machining, it is hard to beat indexable insert milling. It combines precision, high cutting speed, long tool life and excellent surface quality – the ideal application for the face mills in the MaxiMill 273 series.

The CERATIZIT MaxiMill 273-08 tool system covers all the key criteria for face milling tools.


  • Maximum number of cutting edges
  • Stability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Lower cutting forces
  • Reduced vibration
  • Clean tool surfaces

Toothed to the max – for the ultimate feed rate

The MaxiMill 273-08 combines the advantages of negative indexable inserts (which use both sides of the cutting edges) with those of positive indexable inserts (ideal installation position and thus lower cutting forces). It is used for the mass production of castings in the automotive sector in particular, such as motor blocks, which need to be milled on the cutting and mounting surfaces, for example.
High feed rates of 2 mm/revolution are a particular challenge, which is why the MaxiMill 273-08 also comes as a very closely pitched milling tool to achieve the maximum possible number of teeth per diameter. The irregular pitch of the holder ensures extremely quiet running. The tool holders are designed as face mills with diameters of 63 mm – 160 mm. In the case of the normal pitch, they are equipped with screw clamping. With the narrow pitch, wedge clamping is used. If you are looking for short machining times with deeper cuts, the new MaxiMill 273-08 helps save costs.

Process security ramped up

The ONKU 080608… indexable insert for the MaxiMill 273-08 is available with geometries and grades for machining steel and cast iron. Harder materials can also be machined for even more universal usage. The universal -M50 and the robust -R50 are available as chip breakers.
Thanks to the unique coating on its indexable inserts, the MaxiMill 273-08 face milling system offers maximum protection against wear and a consistently long service life. The high insert thickness of the ONKU 08 (s=6.5 mm) and the large corner angle of 135° improve stability and help make the system highly reliable, even with high chip removal rates and unmanned operation. When it comes to handling, nothing can go awry with the MaxiMill 273-08. Even without additional fixtures, clamping is a breeze.



The entire MaxiMill 273 series combines precision, high cutting speeds, long tool service lives and clean tool surfaces. This is the ideal choice for efficient face milling!

Roughing and roughing-finish machining

Roughing-finish machining and finish machining


Have we sparked your curiosity? Want to find out how the MaxiMill 273-08 can get under the surface in your cast iron production too? Then make an appointment with one of our experts for the robust, cost-effective face milling system.

The next step in indexable insert milling

Indexable insert milling with the MaxiMill 273 is an efficient, versatile and cost-effective solution for machining the most diverse materials. The milling system combines precision, high cutting speeds, long tool lives and excellent surface quality – the perfect cast for efficient production. "And those who are looking for other alternatives, need look no further than the CERATIZIT portfolio, where they will find numerous specialist solutions as well as universal face milling systems. For example, the efficient and soft-cutting MaxiMill 271, the roughing-finishing milling cutter MaxiMill HEC – ideal for machining cast material – or the MaxiMill SEC 12 rough milling cutter for virtually chip-free components. With this variety of indexable insert milling cutters, we easily cover the majority of everyday machining tasks as well as unusual operations," says Robert Frei.