PolyClamp – Verso: the all-rounder in workpiece clamping

From small to large: the multiple vice clamps every component

High tension without the stress

Anyone who is regularly required to load multi-axis machines with a wide variety of workpieces will be particularly appreciative of flexible part clamping. Even the trickiest of loading scenarios are overcome with ease thanks to the new PolyClamp – Verso multiple vice.

Watch the video to find out how the PolyClamp – Verso with its comprehensive jaw range and flexible part clamping masters even the trickiest of loading scenarios.

Individual clamping solutions from the modular system

The new PolyClamp – Verso multiple vice is a flexible all-rounder: no matter whether several small or particularly large components have to be clamped.
There are no limits when it comes to adapting the PolyClamp – Verso to the respective machine situation. For example, several of the 300 to 900 mm base rails can be combined with corresponding connecting elements.


1. Fixed jaw

  • Can be turned through 180°
  • Grip step on both sides
  • Easy to move by means of index teeth

2. Adjustable jaw

  • Just one screw size for the entire system
  • Quick and easy handling thanks to jaw positioning from above

3. Teeth hardened and ground

  • High precision and dimensional stability
  • Protection against damage and wear

4. Jaws

  • Screws in and out for quick change
  • Pull-down jaw 40 mm
  • Parallel clamping jaws 40/65/90 mm
  • Pendulum jaw grip 90 mm

5. Extremely rigid clamping bar

  •  Width 90 mm
  •  Lengths from 260 mm to 650 mm

6. Clamping

  • Locating holes for grid plate
  • Alignment set for T-slot tables
  • Mounting holes for MNG mounting bolts

7. Lasered scale

  • For rapid positioning of the jaws

Handling couldn't be easier thanks to the quick jaw change system!

It can do just about everything! PolyClamp – Verso, the new multiple vice, clamps several small or even particularly large components securely. The jaw selection, among other things, makes it flexible: with 24 variants, we placed importance on maximum variety.