Multitask machining – A varied tool portfolio tailored to different machining processes in multitasking machines

Whenever you need maximum flexibility and the highest levels of efficiency for machining complex components, multitasking machines are the answer. Our powerful standard range of tools helps you put the multi-axis power to best use.

Our extensive tool portfolio for your multitasking machining requirements

The unlimited variety of machining possibilities makes multitask machining an efficiency booster for modern large-scale production. Instead of having to use expensive special tools, our extensive standard range can even tackle complex cutting tasks. Our tools combine all the necessary qualities – from the adapter right through to the cutting edge.

Tool holders with DirectCooling (DC)

Targeted coolant application on the cutting edge

  • The DirectCooling (DC) range offers accurate and targeted cooling rather than flood lubrication of the general area.
  • For longer service lives and higher performance from the cutting edges.


The lengths of all CERATIZIT DirectCooling holders are perfectly matched to one another. As a result...

  • Interference contours are eliminated
  • A compact complete package is created
  • Optimum stability is reached
  • Unlimited flexibility is achieved


1. VDI square shank holder with DC      
2. VDI parting blade holder with DC         
3. HSK-T square shank holder with DC
4. HSK-T parting blade holder with DC
5. BMT square shank holder with DC
6. PSC square shank holder with DC
7. PSC parting blade holder with DC


8. MonoClamp SX-DC (mono holder)
9. MonoClamp - SX-DC (radial blade)
10. MonoClamp - GX-DC
11. MaxiLock - N-DC
12. MaxiLock - S-DC

Drilling and turning with the EcoCut multifunctional tool
Reduces setup times and boosts your productivity

The multifunctional tool for a wide range of applications

Be it drilling with a stationary or rotating tool or turning of face, inside and outside profiles, the EcoCut is the leading tool for a wide range of applications. There's no need to change tools thanks to the combination of different machining processes, which greatly reduces set-up times and increases machine utilisation.

The EcoCut tools are available in three versions for maximum flexibility:

  • EcoCut Mini (1)
  • EcoCut ProfileMaster (2)
  • EcoCut Classic (3 & 4)

stationary or rotating

face profiles

inside profiles

outside profiles

High Dynamic Turning with FreeTurn

Roughing, finishing, contour turning, facing and longitudinal turning, all with just one tool

The advantages at a glance

  • Almost all workpiece contours can be machined
  • Up to 40% higher feed rate values
  • Up to 90% fewer empty runs
  • Adjustable feed rates during the process
  • Improved surface quality thanks to ideal adjustment of the approach angle
  • Fewer tool changes thanks to the versatility of the FreeTurn
  • Fewer tool stations in the machine

Boring bar in a variable MaxiChange exchangeable head system for turning
Advantages & benefits of the exchangeable head system with vibration-damped boring bar

  • Perfect for operations with long overhangs and a tendency for vibrations
  • Modular design: high flexibility, variability and versatility
  • Tool wear occurs mainly on the exchangeable cutting head; the holder therefore lasts longer
    > Tool costs are minimised
  • All exchangeable cutting heads benefit from highly efficient cooling
    > Tool service lives are increased

Turning tool holders with machine interface
Choose the turning tool holders in different sizes and versions to fit your machine interface

Mono turning tool holders are compact and offer a balanced combination of precision, ease of handling and flexibility that makes them a good choice for the turning of workpieces.


  • High basic stability
  • Efficient machining
  • High precision
  • Easy handling
  • Simple tool change


The right indexable insert for the widest range of applications

Find the right turning, drilling and grooving inserts for your machining scenario

The exact cutting insert to be used depends on the production method as well as the type and hardness of the material to be machined. To achieve both good chip control and the best results, it is important that the geometry, grade, shape, size, corner radius and setting angle of the indexable insert is carefully selected.

But how do you choose the right indexable insert?

     1. Turning inserts                    2. EcoCut inserts                  3. Grooving inserts

Full process control with ToolScope
Digital monitoring to optimise your production processes

Our ToolScope monitoring and control system paves the way for the digital future of machining. The system continuously records signals from the machine that are generated during the production process. This data is clearly visualised and used to monitor and adjust the machine in a number of ways. You can choose and combine different modules to customise your process control.

  • Process control
  • Machine protection
  • Documentation & digitalisation

Do you have specific applications that you want to cover with your multitasking machine?

We have a number of other tools in our range that can help.
Just get in touch!

Multitasking machines

Demands for maximum versatility from tool manufacturers


  • Flexible standard range for different machining processes
  • Powerful tools designed for multitask machining
  • Customised special solutions

Application examples of possible multitasking scenarios

There are extremely varied options for successfully combining different machining processes using one multitasking machine. See for yourself how you can make significant time savings yet achieve maximum quality by cleverly combining the key cutting operations.